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Supreme Court Cases

  • Appeal of East Derry Fire Precinct 137 NH 607 (1993)
    • Court defines criteria for having Supervisors in Union bargaining units.
  • Appeal of AFSCME Local 3657 Decided October 19, 1995
    • Court determines whether Local Police or Sheriff will patrol Manchester Airport.
  • Appeal of Portsmouth Fire Commissioners 140 NH 435 (1995).
    • Court Defines criteria for anti-union speech.
  • Appeal of Edward Boulay 142 NH 626 (1998)
    • Court determines that State employees are entitled to review all evidence of charges against them at pre-termination meetings.
  • In the Matter of Cassady and Cassady Argued 1/13/1999
    • Court rules on gifts as property in divorce case.
  • Blagbrough v. Town of Wilton 145 NH 118 (2000)
    • Court rules on Municipal liability for maintenance of historic bridge.
  • Appeal of Ray Moore Argued 6/20/2000
    • Court addresses recurring work injury claim for SEIU member on appeal from Department of Labor
  • State v. Mark Brien, Argued 10/16/2002
    • Court addresses challenge to justification for vehicle stop in DWI
  • In the matter of Lemieux and Lemieux 157 N.H. 370 (2008)
    • Court rules on reformation of Divorce Decree based upon mutual
      mistake of law. A Landmark ruling regarding pension divisions in
      Divorce cases.
  • Appeal of AFSCME Council 93, Local 1386 Portsmouth City Employees, Appeal Filed December 30, 2009
    • Court asked to determine
      unfair labor practice charge
  • In the matter of Richard Lemieux and Joanne Lemieux, Appeal filed January 14, 2010.
    • Court considers ex-spouse’s entitlement to worker’s pension benefits accrued post divorce.
  • Patrick Gorham AFSCME Council 93, Local 1824-04 V. Androscoggin County. Appeal decided by the Maine Supreme Judicial Court May 13, 2011.
    • Court rules for the first time in Maine history that terminated employees are entitled to a full, written decision before an appeal must be filed. Previous case law indicated that oral notice of a vote to terminate was sufficient.
  • Brian Brown v. Town of Northfield, Appeal filed October 23, 2012
    • Court is asked to invalidate Brown’s termination from employment based upon a select board vote alleged to have occured prior to his termination hearing.
  • Appeal of Town of Brookline decided April 18, 2014
    • Court upholds AFSCME Union’s right to process grievances even when its membership drops below the requirement of ten.
  • Appeal of Hillsborough County Nursing Home decided September 12, 2014.
    • Court upholds AFSCME Union’s right to process grievances despite employer claims of untimeliness.
  • Bovaird v. NH Department of Administrative Services decided September 30, 2014
    • The Court determines reinstatement rights and benefits of “laid off” state employee.
  • Appeal of Nolen, decided November 12, 2015
    • Court applies Worker’s Comp “four year rule” to claimant’s request for renewed disability benefits.
  • Simeonov v. Twins Contracting, LLC
    • Appeal filed 9/9/16
    • Court is asked to rule on criteria for “Piercing the Corporate Veil” of an LLC for the first time in the history of N.H.
  • GP – Nashua Limited Appeal decided March 31, 2017
    • Court affirms landlord’s right to evict…